Sunday, February 28, 2010


I finished the quilting on the elephant wall hanging I was working on. I still have to add the binding and a pocket for hanging. I think I am going to add some beads to the bottom too, kind of like a fringe. We'll see. I have to find the right beads for that. It is going to be a gift so I want to make sure it is just right.

I am excited about the jelly roll sampler that is starting tomorrow. I don't have a jelly roll, I am using fabrics that I already have, african fabrics, so I am not sure how it will turn out since it is all not the same or coordinating fabric line. I also printed out the first patterns in the safari quilt from Fat Cat Patterns. I would like to start working on that also. If only I didn't have a job I have to go to every day!!! My students would miss me if I didn't come though, so at least it is nice to be wanted! Some of them have made me promise them I won't die until after they graduate! Oh the minds of kids. They know that I have been hurting and see me take medication during the day so they know something is up. But being polite children they don't ask, they just say things like that!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Over the hump!

It is Wednesday, halfway done with the week. Yeah! On Sunday, I got to spend some time sewing. I worked on quilting a small wallhanging that will be a gift. I did not get it completed but made great headway with it. I think I will be able to finish it this weekend. I will also try to get some pictures posted at that time.
We have more snow! I absolutely HATE snow!! I am tired of trudging through it, wiping it off the car and looking at it! I know my husband is tired of shoveling it!I am anxiously awaiting spring. (spring break too!!!)
I envy those of you who live in areas where you don't get snow. Aaah, that is my goal someday!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I WON!!!!

Have you noticed that weekend winner button on my blog? Well, that links you to this wonderful site where Janet, the owner, gives away one of her patterns each week to one of the people that leaves a comment. And she picked me!!! She has some great designs, totally my style!! Why don't you click on the button and maybe you could win too! I picked Kowhai as my free design. I love the way she embellished it with beads!! She does this every weekend, so give it a try!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's the Weekend!

Yeah, I made it through another week. This time of the year, the kids seem to be getting restless. I had to give out 4 detentions this week! Two of my lovely darlings decided to cheat on an open book, open notes, science test! Yeah, how dumb can it get! And they weren't even clever enough to change the answers a little bit so they weren't identical! Then they both turned the papers in at the same time!!! They make it so easy for me to catch them!!! Then I had one of my darlings lie to me about an assignment. She got caught (I love sixth graders, they still tell on each other! LOL) and rather than just get a late assignment note she ended up with the detention. And finally, one of my little cherubs decided to go without doing any assignments for two days and ended up with so many missing assignment notes that he got another detention. (number 3 for him!) Oh yes, and that was only a 4 day week!!!

But now it is the weekend, and the medicine that I have been given seems to be helping some with the back pain so I am all set to stay home and sew this weekend. I just have to decide what project to work on!!! My sweet sister (who reads this blog) has a May birthday coming up so perhaps I should work on something for her. If I do though, I can't post it here!!!

I keep reading all these other wonderful blogs and I want to know how to get a Flickr account so I can join the groups and post pics. I'm not quite sure how to do that. Maybe I should play around this weekend and try to figure out how to do that! There are so many lovely groups out there doing all kinds of sew alongs and I want to join in!!! I especially like the ones that are short projects, because I think I can keep up with that!!!

I will sign off for now as I need to go do the yoga stretches for my back and then jump in the shower before hubby gets in the way. Happy weekend to everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday that feels like Monday!

No pictures to post. I spent the weekend moving around trying to get out of pain. I have a terrible pain in my back that worsens as I sit. I went to the rheumatologist and got a new medicine that is supposed to trick the brain into not feeling the pain. So far all it has done is make me dizzy and nauseous! I get to see a spine specialist next Tuesday, so for now I just keep moving and don't do alot of sitting!
I did get the backs pieced for both the monster quilt and the turquoise and brown quilt. Since these are both fairly large I decided to send them to a friend who has a longarm to do the quilting. It is getting very difficult for me to try to maneuver the bigger quilts under the arm of my machine. Oh how I long for a long arm! I don't want a big fancy one, just one that I can get my bigger quilts on. Perhaps that could turn into a business someday, who knows, but right now I just want it for me!!!
I have decided to make a scrap quilt out of all my african fabrics. I don't know for certain how big I will make it. I would like to use at least one piece from each piece of fabric I have. I have quite a bit so it could be a large quilt! Ha1
I hope everyone out in blogland had a lovely Valentine weekend. My husband and I don't really do any celebrating. It was nice to just have an extra day off work!
Off to a new position on the floor!

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the winners are.......

Well, the OWOH event is over. I don't know about you, but I need a rest! Visiting all those fantastic blogs was hard work!!! I found some very lovely blogs that I will be back to visit many times. I am so excited that some people actually have become followers of my blog. I found several quilting blogs that I hope to establish good communication with and joined a BOM event. This was a fantastic event!

So, the winners are:
carylsrealm and WW from the frog princess.

I have emailed carlysrealm and I left a note on the frog princess blog since I couldn't find an email for WW. Please make sure you contact me by the 19th or I will have to pick another winner.

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday is finally here!

All week, I kept hoping it was Friday! Now, FINALLY, Friday has arrived! It seems like it has been such a long week. I think part of it was all the snow and the wishing and hoping for a snow day! Some schools in the area have today off, thus giving them a 4 day weekend. Not my school. But we do have Monday off so at least we get a little break. This time of the year the kids start to go nuts. I think it is because we are inside so much. In any case, the days seem to drag by!! Plus, I haven't been feeling well, so that makes it even harder to get up and going each day! This weekend I am going to do a little resale shopping. I am looking for jewelry for my African heads quilt and I would like to get an old wool suit so I can try my hand at wet felting! Who knows what other treasures I might find on my journey! If I come up with anything grand, I will post a picture and let you know!
The fabric arrived for the back of the monster quilt, so I can get moving on that too! Let's hope this is a productive weekend!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monster quilt finished and ready for quilting!

I took a couple pictures of the monster quilt top that is now complete. I don't take really good pictures so bear with me. Hope you like it!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally, the weekend!

I just ordered the fabric to back the monster quilt and another quilt for a friend who watches my dog whenever I travel. I found it at for $5 a yard and no shipping charges. I needed 10 yards total so I really needed a bargain. I looked and looked for $2 and $3 a yard clearance fabric but I couldn't find a thing. I was going to get Minky fabric for the baby quilt, (monster quilt) but it was so expensive that I settled on flannel instead. I am sure that will be plenty soft. I got a lime green with white polka dots for the baby quilt and brown with turquoise dots for the other quilt. I like flannel on the back because it makes it more cuddly when you are curled up under it!
I have two couples coming for dinner tonight as a thank you for all of their hard work at my school's science fair. Since I don't have much energy and have had a bad week with lots of pain, I have everything being done ahead of time. The italian beef is in the crockpot, the potatoes are in the oven and when they are done I will mash them and fill with cheese for twice baked, baked beans will go in oven about 1 and slow cook all afternoon. The cake will go in the oven when the potatoes come out and then I am done. I have to use my morning time wisely because I totally lose energy in the afternoon. And if I am going to be pleasant this evening I will definitely need a nap!!! Both couples understand my limitations so they won't stay late! It will be nice to get together for a little bit. Tomorrow I plan on being creative! Wish me luck!