Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's the Weekend!

Yeah, I made it through another week. This time of the year, the kids seem to be getting restless. I had to give out 4 detentions this week! Two of my lovely darlings decided to cheat on an open book, open notes, science test! Yeah, how dumb can it get! And they weren't even clever enough to change the answers a little bit so they weren't identical! Then they both turned the papers in at the same time!!! They make it so easy for me to catch them!!! Then I had one of my darlings lie to me about an assignment. She got caught (I love sixth graders, they still tell on each other! LOL) and rather than just get a late assignment note she ended up with the detention. And finally, one of my little cherubs decided to go without doing any assignments for two days and ended up with so many missing assignment notes that he got another detention. (number 3 for him!) Oh yes, and that was only a 4 day week!!!

But now it is the weekend, and the medicine that I have been given seems to be helping some with the back pain so I am all set to stay home and sew this weekend. I just have to decide what project to work on!!! My sweet sister (who reads this blog) has a May birthday coming up so perhaps I should work on something for her. If I do though, I can't post it here!!!

I keep reading all these other wonderful blogs and I want to know how to get a Flickr account so I can join the groups and post pics. I'm not quite sure how to do that. Maybe I should play around this weekend and try to figure out how to do that! There are so many lovely groups out there doing all kinds of sew alongs and I want to join in!!! I especially like the ones that are short projects, because I think I can keep up with that!!!

I will sign off for now as I need to go do the yoga stretches for my back and then jump in the shower before hubby gets in the way. Happy weekend to everyone!!!

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  1. You better just concentrate on staying well and don't worry about my birthday! Just go to Flickr and read everything. You should figure it out all by yourself! If not just ask Bob, your live-in techy support guy.