Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally, the weekend!

I just ordered the fabric to back the monster quilt and another quilt for a friend who watches my dog whenever I travel. I found it at for $5 a yard and no shipping charges. I needed 10 yards total so I really needed a bargain. I looked and looked for $2 and $3 a yard clearance fabric but I couldn't find a thing. I was going to get Minky fabric for the baby quilt, (monster quilt) but it was so expensive that I settled on flannel instead. I am sure that will be plenty soft. I got a lime green with white polka dots for the baby quilt and brown with turquoise dots for the other quilt. I like flannel on the back because it makes it more cuddly when you are curled up under it!
I have two couples coming for dinner tonight as a thank you for all of their hard work at my school's science fair. Since I don't have much energy and have had a bad week with lots of pain, I have everything being done ahead of time. The italian beef is in the crockpot, the potatoes are in the oven and when they are done I will mash them and fill with cheese for twice baked, baked beans will go in oven about 1 and slow cook all afternoon. The cake will go in the oven when the potatoes come out and then I am done. I have to use my morning time wisely because I totally lose energy in the afternoon. And if I am going to be pleasant this evening I will definitely need a nap!!! Both couples understand my limitations so they won't stay late! It will be nice to get together for a little bit. Tomorrow I plan on being creative! Wish me luck!


  1. Kathy, I'm looking forward to seeing this monster quilt. I love minkee but it is so expensive. I always use flannel now for the backs because it is so cuddly.

  2. so glad you stopped by my blog! enjoy the cookies!...can't wait to se eyour quilt!