Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seriously, Who Puts Gluten in Shampoo!!!

Ok, this is seriously crazy! I went to get my hair cut and I decided to try a different salon and stylist just because. So as I am there, I notice that she was using a product on me that I had never seen before. (trust me, I have seen and tried them all!) So I asked her about it. She was telling me about all it's qualities and how there are only 2 salons in Illinois now carrying it because it is so new. They are using it because some of their clients have gluten sensitivities and this is gluten free. WHAT! I have spent the last year trying every shampoo, cheap, expensive, foreign, organic, etc on the market because my head has been itching like crazy and I have had this rash behind my ears and along my hairline. Yeah, come to find out it is because of the gluten in the products I have been using. Who the hell puts gluten in shampoo??????????
This is the first time in a year or more that my head does not itch. No wonder I couldn't get rid of the rash. I'd put cortisone cream on it like they told me and it would go away for a day or two and then be right back. So, this is the big test. My head doesn't itch and I'll see if the rash goes away and stays away. Of course this stuff costs millions, just like everything else I have to buy. Man, somebody is making a fortune out of others misery!!!
So, now don't you feel educated???? Geez, now I have to go check my lotion and makeup to make sure I am not inadvertently getting it there. I am not totally ok in the intestine dept and am now in awful shape, so I am thinking I might be getting gluten from non food sources.
I just ought to go live on a deserted island somewhere away from everyone and everything and just commune with nature!!!
My luck there will be wheat fields everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!
Oh, the brand of the shampoo is Neuma. This is what they state:

NEUMA brings beauty, health and well-being to hair. Our collection of professional performance beauty products contain ingredients which above all, do no harm - because like you, we care for earth and hair.
ZERO synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, 1.4 dioxane, phtalates, glutens, neurotoxins, aluminum compuonds, glycols, formaldehyde donors, ureas, carcinogens and environmental pollutants - simply a genuine, sustainable brand.
Renewable, beneficial, plant-based, colour safe ingredients
Certified Organic Extracts
85% post consumer recycled bottles
100% certified wind power
100% recycled fiber containers

Organic raw materials, sustainable business practices and continuing membership as a global corporate citizen will make the difference in the long run. It's the right thing to do.

Yeah, so who would figure that I have been so religious about not ingesting any gluten yet here I have been putting it on my head every day. Don't you think somebody would have suggested to me that there may be gluten in shampoo??? UGH!!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Who would have thought??????? Scary what is in the stuff around us isn't it?
    Thank you for visiting & your sweet comment about Elle. She's a MESS!!!! Hubby just HAD to have her for Christmas... guess who is stuck with the training & care!!! Have a great week.

  2. Now I have two things to thank you for. One thank you so much for your positive energy sent our way during the evacuation. It was so scary. Second OMG I have the same problem with my scalp. The idiots oops I mean doctors tell me it is from the lupus. Hmmm strange it is only on my scalp. I too have tried EVERYTHING even the cortisone. I will probable have to drive to Eugene to get this stuff but I will try it. Gluten are you kidding me????
    Hey thanks.....