Sunday, March 20, 2011

More gifts in the mail!

I just received my final OWOH gift from Sabine at
It is a beautiful handmade card and a lovely journal. Thanks so much Sabine. Please visit her blog to see her lovely work.

I also received a lovely fairie gift from Judy over at http://once we for her Pay It Forward gift. I love the box as much as the little bag. Please check out her blog to see her fantastic fairie designs.

And this is what I have been working on. It is my first beading project, I think I should have started smaller, but I really wanted to make the lizard. I have no idea what I will do with him when I am done but I am enjoying the process. I have to say though, that I need a magnifying light. Those seed beads are really hard to see, especially at night!


  1. Happy you enjoyed the fairy sachet and the box!


  2. it really look so amazing...i like it!..
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  3. all things considered you are doing pretty good

  4. Wow, those are some fabulous treasures! Thank you for following and commenting on my giveaway!

  5. Hi Kathy, thank you for your kind comment about my art.
    About you question, yes I use photoshop and sometimes I draw with my Wacom tablet.
    But mostly... I use personal images such as (vacation)photo's, postcards which I collect, old magazines, antique books etc. etc.
    It's so fun to create designs with my own stuff , my scanner is doing overtime LOL
    Hearty greetings from Holland, Rian