Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prizes in the mail

I have received 2 of my prizes from the OWOH blog event. I am so excited about them. I absolutely love the painted picture from Kathy Art over at She is so very talented. If you get a chance, please hop over to her blog to see all of her fantastic work.

I also received a package of goodies from Lisa Cousineau at Can you believe all the goodies she gave away for her prize. I am just so excited about all of them. I really want to get into mixed media and now I have some supplies to work with. Thank you so much Lisa.

Both of these things have arrived right before my birthday so it is kind of like they are celebrating with me. Thanks ladies!!

Life has dealt me some major blows recently, so these presents have been such a boost to my spirits. Thanks so much!


  1. Yay! You're welcome Kathy. I do hope they cheer you up a bit... have a fantastic birthday!!

  2. Congrats!!!

    come visit, I have a surprise for you :)