Saturday, April 23, 2011

Way overdue!

I feel terrible that I have not posted in a long time and I have not thanked several people for their wonderful gifts.
First of all, I would like to thank Nicole and Beadwright for the beautiful red earrings that she sent me for my Pay It Forward gift. They are lovely and I have already worn them several times.


Next, I would like to thank Lani Kent for the gorgeous cards and bookmarks and the beautiful magnet. Also, for her very kind words. She is an amazing artist and a lovely person.

Finally, I would like to thank my sister, who sticks by me and listens to all my troubles without complaining. She keeps sending me all these great gifts. The latest is this lovely fabric. I know I have a book on the way too. She is an amazing sister and I love her very much. I wish we lived closer and could see each other more often. Perhaps either her or I will win the lottery and that will become a reality!!!

My life has kept me busy. At school, my class was responsible for putting on the Passion Play this past Thursday. It took lots of practice and much of my time and energy! It came off without a hitch and I was extremely proud of my students. I am a tough teacher, always demanding excellence, and they rose to the occasion! Pizza party for their accomplishment!!!

Finally, my oldest son just left for the Army this past week. We haven't heard from him but did receive a "form" postcard from him today. Basically it said that he was fine and don't write, he'll send more info. later. At least it is good to know he is ok. These are some pictures of him right before he left.

Chuck with his younger brother, Stephen.

Chuck with his dad.

Finally, Chuck with me!

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  1. Some lovely gifts. I've got a wonderful sister like that too and I wish we lived closer. Great family pictures.