Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BLIZZARD of 2011

Boy, have we gotten slammed with a storm! You know how weather forecasters can be. You hear about an approaching storm and you just kind of listen with one ear. Well, they got this one right!!!
It kicked into high gear about 2:00 p.m. yesterday. I had to drive home to work as the winds picked up, drifts covered the roads and in some places I had zero visibility! It was a harrowing ride. I was delighted to see my driveway come into view!! Winds were blowing at 25 to 50 mph. We lost power around 10:30 last night but somehow we got it restored around 3 a.m. It got a bit chilly in the house but nothing a few more blankets couldn't take care of!!
We can only see out of 2 of our windows, the others are all covered with snow. Drifts in our yard and drive are 5 to 6 feet deep. My husband and son went out last night to try to stay ahead of the snow, let's just say they lost that battle!!!
Both are still sleeping this morning but will be back at it a bit later. Hopefully the winds will die down a bit and the snow stop! It will take them hours to dig us out!! When they go out again I will have them snap some pictures for me!
Our county has declared a civil emergency so no one is allowed on the roads without a police escort. Right, like people want to go out in this!!! Depending on the winds and how long it snows, I might have another snow day tomorrow!!! The downer to this is that we have to make them up in June!!!!
So for today, I will be spending quality time in my sewing room, reacquainting myself with my trusty sewing machine!!! These days are truly gifts!!!


  1. Oh no...this storm is heading my way. It is supposed to start sometime this afternoon. I was hoping it wouldn't be as bad as predicted but you are not making me hopeful. Stay inside, warm and make something pretty.

  2. Sending you warm thoughts! Hope the lights stay on, and you can just kick back and stitch! A crockpot full of nice warm veggie soup or chili would be good too! Can's stop sewing to cook!!