Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Time!!!

Oh, will this month ever end??? I don't have any time for sewing this month. School is crazy! We have science fair and open house coming up and I am the science fair coordinator so it is up to me to find all the judges, have all the paperwork ready, make sure I have someone to take care of the judges, provide treats for the judges, etc. On top of that, I have my own class to prepare not only for the science fair but their other projects that need to be out for open house. This is a huge marketing time for us so it is important to have everything looking fabulous. Plus, I am on the marketing committee so I have to make sure flyers get out to the places they need to be. And on top of all this, I am now part of the OCS Social Studies curriculum group and we are rewriting the social studies curriculum using core standards. Not just for my school, this is for the whole archdiocese of Chicago. Yeah, I am tired just thinking about it all!!
Now add to all this the fact that our ejector pump failed in our lower level and we got sewage back up. Now we have to have parts of walls replaced, trim replaced, flooring replaced, etc. The room looks like a disaster area right now!! The clean up is done, but the repair work hasn't even begun. We are just gathering estimates. UGH!!
I would rather be trying to decide what kind of fabric to use to make my next quilt, or work on making a new bag. But no time for that right now!!

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