Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wind Storm!

The Chicago area has been hit by a huge wind storm. The forecasters claim that yesterday was the worst, but today is much worse as far as I am concerned. We lost have the shingles on our garage. That will all have to be replaced. Am hoping for a little help from the homeowners insurance!!

My trip to Notre Dame was a bust. First of all, the ride there was hell. We got stuck in Chicago traffic and then when we finally did reach the tollway, we were diverted back onto the Dan Ryan because of an accident. So we had to get into the Indiana traffic before we could get on the tollway. When we finally made it to the tollway, there was construction! UGH!! We finally made it to the hotel with only about 30 minutes to spare. Just enough time to change and meet the shuttle. The first conference was a huge disappointment. And although I was promised great food, they had absolutely nothing I could eat. When we finally got back to the hotel, we went in search of food. I ended up with a sad looking spinach salad with a disgusting dressing. They booked us into the old people's hotel, so we had no pool, jacuzzi, nothing! We wandered over to the next hotel where there was a Halloween party going on put on by a local radio station. It was good for a bit, watching all the weird and funny costumes. But the music was way too loud so we ended up back in our rooms pretty early.
Saturday wasn't much better. There was only scrambled eggs for me for breakfast. Then we left for the next conference. The speaker was awesome. Dr. Adolph Brown, Real Talk. He kept us interested and engaged. At lunch, they gave me a plate of fruit. That was it! I was starving. The afternoon went downhill. They made it a question and answer session. So we left! We were going to leave Sunday morning, but since there was nothing to stay all afternoon for we decided to pack up and head home. Oh, I forgot to mention that the heat did not work in my hotel room so it got a bit nippy in there Friday night. We didn't hit any major traffic heading home so that was good. I was happy to be back in my own bed for the night. Plus, I could actually eat!!!!
Well, so much for great all expense paid conferences!!!

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