Friday, October 22, 2010

All but the bindings!

Well, I have two quilts finished except for the bindings. I HATE HATE HATE putting on the bindings. It is my least favorite part of the job. I wish I had a binding fairy who could do it for me! I will get to them eventually. The Our Lady of Guadalupe quilt is for the Pastor at the school where I teach. His birthday is in December so I can procrastinate a bit longer on that one!!! The Harry Potter quilt was for my son's girlfriend, who has since moved on, so I think I will donate this quilt to the auction at my school in the spring or I will try to sell it. I am not sure which yet. I might make more money selling it than giving it to the auction and then I could just donate the money. We'll see. I hate to get the blasted binding on it first!!!
This weekend I am travelling to Notre Dame University with a coworker for the Excellence in Education conference. We were nominated and chosen to go and it is an all expense paid trip. I was looking forward to it when I was chosen but now I don't really relish the drive. It will be nice to stay in a fancy hotel having the room all to myself though!!! And no cooking!! Even with my funky diet restrictions, they assured me that they would provide excellent meals for me. Hmmm, I'll let you know about that!!!
I don't look forward to returning to school on Monday and dealing with all the paperwork from Friday. It takes days to get caught up again!! Plus, this weekend, we have to finish report cards. At least they are done online so I will just take my netbook with me and finish them in the hotel room in the evening.
When I return on Sunday, I have to rush off to confirmation. I am a sponsor for a former student so and it just so happens that confirmation falls on the same weekend as this conference. There goes my weekend!!!!

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