Thursday, January 28, 2010

Making cards and buying wine!

I spent the last few days after work making thank you cards for some of the judges from my school's science fair. I am so glad to be done with it all. Trying to arrange for judges is a real pain. I am so thankful that I could call on friends and spouses of coworkers to help me out. To make the thank you cards, I just cut up the judging sheets and used PVC scrapbooking glue to attach the pieces in a collage type fashion to cardstock. Then I wrote a short thank you on the inside and attached a bottle of vino!!!! They deserve it!! Since the computer teacher helped out my class so much, I got her a gift card to a restaurant that makes dynamite margharitas so she could forget all about the hours upon hours she spent helping my students make graphs and format papers. She is a gem!!! So, this is how I have spent the better part of this week, aside from work that is!!!

1 comment:

  1. What a nice and creative thing to do to honor your judges. It shows how much you appreciated their help.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog -I am off to sew this afternoon after we have brunch. I did some school work last night while we watched our NHL hockey team lose yet again. Today I plan to do something besides play on the computer. I am thinking about creating a half apron for a friend as a gift- I will have to check out the net for some ideas...beginning to feel a little inspired LOL
    Have a great day and do come back to visit.